Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein illegally building Virgin Islands compound, Purchased Great St James Island Back In 2016
he bought it in 2016
Great St. James Island

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein illegally building Virgin Islands compound

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has gotten himself into a new tangle with the law — running afoul of Virgin Islands environmental regulations with construction on his island compound despite a stop work order.

Epstein, a deep-pocketed socialite who has palled around with famous faces that include former President Bill Clinton, allegedly ran a seedy network of underage girls who were often coerced into doing Epstein’s sexual bidding.

But Epstein, a hedge fund manager, managed to weasel out of serious consequences for running his pervy syndicate, termed a “sex pyramid scheme” by the Miami Herald.

Despite him having more than 30 victims, in 2008, federal prosecutors quietly dropped charges against Epstein under the direction of then-Miami US Attorney Alexander Acosta, who is now President Trump’s labor secretary.

Instead, Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to a state charge and spent 13 months in jail. He is now registered as a Level 3 sex offender.

In February, a federal judge ruled that the prosecutors working the case broke the law by not notifying Epstein’s victims that they were cutting him a plea deal.

Epstein, meanwhile, reportedly is building a compound on the 165-acre island of Great St. James, which he purchased in 2016 for $18 million. He lives on the neighboring Little St. James.

The project has been the subject of a stop work order since December, a spokesman for the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources told The Post.

The spokesman confirmed that there has been unauthorized work on the island since the stop work order was issued.

The Virgin Islands Daily News reports that Epstein used a shell company called “Great St. Jim LLC” to purchase a large swath of Great St. James and to apply to the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources to conduct work on the island.

Epstein is building a complex of buildings on the island that include an amphitheater and an “underwater office & pool,” the Virgin Islands Daily News Reports, which will all be linked by a private road.

Jeffrey Epstein lured underage girls for sex acts – prosecutors

Epstein pleaded not-guilty to accusations of luring dozens of girls as young as 14 to his luxury homes in New York and Florida and paying them for sex acts

July 8, 2019 21:55

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Jeffrey Epstein is shown in this undated Florida Department of Law Enforcement photo.

Jeffrey Epstein is shown in this undated Florida Department of Law Enforcement photo.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Accused sex offender and US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein pleaded not guilty on Monday to charges of sex trafficking as prosecutors accused him of luring dozens of girls as young as 14 to his luxury homes in New York and Florida and paying them for sex acts.

Epstein will remain in jail until his bail hearing scheduled for July 11.

An indictment unsealed in federal court in Manhattan said Epstein, 66, “intentionally sought out minors and knew that many of his victims were in fact under the age of 18, including because, in some instances, minor victims expressly told him their age.”

Epstein, a former hedge fund manager, was accused of arranging for girls to perform nude “massages” and other sex acts, and paying some girls to recruit others.

The indictment charged Epstein with one count of sex trafficking and one count of sex trafficking conspiracy for alleged misconduct from at least 2002 to 2005. The maximum possible sentence for conviction on those charges is 45 years.

Prosecutors will ask a judge that Epstein be detained pending trial, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said at a press conference.

“The alleged behavior shocks the conscience,” Berman said.

He said that despite the large amount of time that has passed, “it is still profoundly important to the many alleged victims, now young women. They deserve their day in court.”

Epstein has said in earlier court filings that his encounters with alleged victims were consensual and that he believed they were 18 when they occurred.

Epstein was arrested on Saturday night at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, where he had returned on his private plane from France, and appeared in federal court on Monday.

Known for socializing with politicians and royalty, Epstein once had friends including US President Donald Trump and former president Bill Clinton, and according to court papers Britain’s Prince Andrew.

None of those people were mentioned in the indictment. The case is being handled by the public corruption unit of Berman’s office. Berman said he would not comment on Epstein’s associates and added “not to read into that one way or another.”

Epstein first came under investigation in 2005 after police in Palm Beach, Florida, received reports he had sexually abused underage girls in his mansion there.

By 2007, Epstein was facing a potential federal indictment for sexually abusing dozens of girls between 1999 and 2007, directing others to abuse them, and paying employees to bring victims to him, according to court filings.

However, Epstein struck a deal to plead guilty to a lesser Florida state felony prostitution charge. He served 13 months in a county jail, but was allowed to leave during the day to go to his office, and agreed to register as a sex offender.

Prosecutors involved in that agreement included Alex Acosta, then the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida and now Trump’s Secretary of Labor.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Labor on Sunday declined to comment on Epstein’s arrest.

Mike Shinoda Works With Clinton Global Initiative In Haiti For SRS Haiti

Feb 18

Investments in Haiti Yield More Results

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Press Release

On trip to Haiti, President Clinton visits several sites where renewed investments and partnerships have made a difference

On a trip to Haiti this Monday and Tuesday, President Clinton visits several sites where Foundation investments and partnerships have made a difference and begun yielding results.

The Clinton Foundation has been actively engaged in Haiti since 2009, focusing on economic diversification, private sector investment and job creation in order to create long-term, sustainable economic development. In 2013 the Haiti team provided approximately $1 million in grants and investments to support Haitian entrepreneurs, small businesses, and farming cooperatives, helped to facilitate more than $30 million in foreign direct investment into Haiti, and continued to provide capacity building and access to markets for Haitian businesses and the Haitian Center for Investment Facilitation.


On Monday, President Clinton visited the Union Des Apotres – Prodev School, which was built by Digicel as part of their CGI commitment to build 150 schools throughout Haiti. The school has also had significant support from NRG Energy, Urban Zen and Happy Hearts Fund. It is currently the only solar powered school in Cite Soleil.

The Clinton Foundation made a grant to the school last year for Earth Day to support a tree planting activity and Earth Day celebration, which has evolved into a school garden program that will help add fresh, nutritional content to school feeding programs. In addition, the Foundation linked the school with NRG Energy, which has helped build a new canteen and a solar canopy for the school that is expected to produce enough energy to meet 100 percent of the school’s power needs.


Digicel also announced this weekend that they will soon be topping off their $45 million Marriott hotel in Port au Prince. Digicel and Marriott’s partnership, facilitated by the Foundation, has brought new investment and new training opportunities to Haiti.

Marriott, working with the Minister of Tourism, will soon announce the youth who have been selected for their Hospitality Leadership Development Program. This group of 10 young Haitians has interviewed (with the Ministry and with Marriott) for internships at the JW Marriott in the Dominican Republic and will begin working at this location when it opens in a few months.  The youth will return to Haiti with newly learned skills and on-the-job experience to pursue a new opportunity — to be a member of the team at the Haiti Marriott as it prepares to open in February 2015.

Thiotte/Coffee Academy

Later on Monday, President Clinton visited the Haiti Coffee Academy (HCA) in Thiotte, one of Haiti’s primary coffee growing regions. The Clinton Foundation has contributed over $150,000 to the creation of the Academy, and the Foundation has been working to promote Haitian coffee to US and international buyers to revitalize the industry. Coffee is the main source of income for more than 100,000 farmers in Haiti.

Yesterday, the Clinton Foundation announced a $28,000 grant to Fonkoze, the leading microfinance organization in Haiti, to provide literacy training programs to up to 600 small-holder farmers and others in Thiotte.


Today, President Clinton visited the recycling collection and bailing center of Sustainable Recycling Solutions Haiti (SRS). The Clinton Foundation worked to help relaunch SRS last year with a joint $250,000 investment with Todd Wagner.

In just the past three months SRS, working with their network of collectors, have taken over 10 million bottles off the streets. In addition, the Foundation has worked with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park who co-founded SRS, to bring more visibility to this project. Eco Wear has partnered with SRS to buy plastic bottles to create a variety of consumer products, including merchandise for Linkin Park.

In addition, Giant Dragon, which has recycling operations in Hong Kong and the Dominican Republic, has partnered with SRS and announced that it has committed to purchasing a minimum of 4 million pounds of SRS plastic over the next year.


Today, President Clinton also visited Industrial Revolution II (IRII), a new apparel manufacturer in SONAPI Industrial Park that invests 50 percent of profits into their workers, their families and the local community. IRII currently employs over 100 people, primarily women, and with increased orders and business they have incredible potential to expand.

Garments constitute 90% of Haiti’s exports, earning $800 million a year, and the sector currently employs 31,000 people. The Foundation has been working with IRII’s founding partners – Joey Adler, Rob Broggi, Richard Coles, and Matt Damon – for close to three years, helping them work through issues in Haiti and connecting them with potential apparel buyers.

# # #

Learn more about our work at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @ClintonFdn.

Timberland Partners with Thread to Create Sustainable Recycling Solutions in Haiti as Part of Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action

Thread Announces Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Provide Dignified Jobs and Mobility to Plastic Bottle Collectors in Haiti

Global Partnership Commits to Addressing Environmental Hazards and Child Labor in Supply Chains

Thread, the leader in responsible fiber and fabric production, today announced a new Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action to address the problem of undignified and child labor in global supply chains, through a targeted effort in Haiti.

For many people across the globe, recycling offers a key entry point to participate in the circular economy – an economy that is restorative and aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times. In Haiti, many families rely on plastic collection as a sole source of income and often face the difficult choice of involving children in this work in order to ensure the security and well-being of the family.

In partnership with Timberland, HP, Team Tassy, and ACOP, Thread’s commitment will help improve the working conditions and upward mobility of some 300 Haitians – 200 of them children – by providing valuable educational opportunities, job training, and medical care. The programs will impact the surrounding communities of Molea and Menelas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, while working towards a scalable global solution.

“The very bottom of the supply chain is where people are the most vulnerable,” said Ian Rosenberger, Founder and CEO of Thread. “No longer is it okay to ignore the issue because it’s difficult to talk about. We’re proud to be working with great partners like Timberland and HP to find a solution in Haiti that can change our global understanding of dignified work.”

“We are honored to contribute to this important work being spearheaded by Thread,” said Colleen Vien, director of sustainability for Timberland, which has done extensive agroforestry work in Haiti over the past five years. “They are looking beyond the environmental value associated with the collection and recycling of plastic bottles, and digging into some of the very real social implications. This progressive approach has the potential to truly change the face of global supply chains in the circular economy.”

“We are excited about the innovation occurring in Haiti as we help turn waste into a resource that generates income and improves conditions for families living in poverty,” said Stuart Pann, HP Chief Supply Chain Officer. “This commitment builds on our company’s vision to create technology solutions that help make life better for everyone, everywhere by creating a more inclusive circular economy that treats all workers with dignity and respect.”

Through various partnerships, Thread expects to have invested $300,000 in monetary and in-kind donations by December of 2019, providing for a detailed field assessment, wellness exams, healthcare services, and the construction of a long-term, career-oriented support network in Haiti. The model will serve as a pilot to expand to similar regions throughout the world.

In addition to joining the Commitment to Action, both Timberland and HP plan to source materials from the revamped collection system in Haiti in order to provide long-term market support to the program. Timberland will also continue its longstanding commitment to Haiti with the launch of a special collection of shoes and bags made with Thread Ground to GoodTM fabric in Spring 2017. HP will incorporate the materials into its closed loop process for manufacturing inkjet cartridges using recycled plastic.

About Thread
Thread, a Certified B Corporation based in Pittsburgh, PA, transforms plastic bottles from the streets and canals of Haiti and Honduras into the most responsible fabric on the planet. Each product made with Thread™ fabric supports a vibrant network of dignified jobs in the developing world and the United States. See how at or follow the Ground to Good™ story @threadintl.

About Timberland
Timberland is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of premium footwear, apparel and accessories for the outdoor lifestyle. Best known for its original yellow boot introduced in 1973, Timberland today outfits consumers from toe-to-head, with versatile collections that reflect the brand’s rich heritage of craftsmanship, function and style. Timberland markets lifestyle products under the Timberland® and Timberland Boot Company® brands, and industrial footwear and workwear under the Timberland PRO® brand. Its products are sold throughout the world in leading department and specialty stores as well as company-owned retail locations and online. Timberland’s dedication to making quality products is matched by an unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility – in terms of its products, the outdoors, and communities around the globe. To learn more about Timberland, a brand of VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC), please visit or follow us along the modern trail @timberland.

About HP Inc.
HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences that amaze. More information about HP Inc. is available at

About Team Tassy 
Team Tassy accompanies families in Haiti out of poverty through good, dignified jobs. The process begins with access to medical care and ensuring all school-aged children have access to an education, while addressing all basic needs such as debt and shelter with their parents. Once families are work-ready, they participate in job training program and are placed into dignified jobs. They receive follow-up services to ensure long-term success in the workplace. Once our families graduate, we ask that they lend a helping hand to the next family in need.

Team Tassy believes that by placing at least two heads of households into dignified work, our families and the community can pull themselves out of poverty forever. To join the movement, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @TeamTassy.

About ACOP
L’Association des collecteurs d’objet en plastique, ACOP (Association of plastic collectors) is a professional association comprised of 13 Haitian entrepreneurs who run collection centers in Molea. The association was formed in 2015 to develop a scholarship program for the children in Molea working to collect plastic from the landfill. Their vision is for these kids to realize their potential and to create a more just and decent society.

About the Clinton Global Initiative
Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, convenes global leaders to create and implement solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. CGI Annual Meetings have brought together 190 sitting and former heads of state, more than 20 Nobel Prize laureates, and hundreds of leading CEOs, heads of foundations and NGOs, major philanthropists, and members of the media. To date, members of the CGI community have made more than 3,500 Commitments to Action, which have improved the lives of over 430 million people in more than 180 countries. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @ClintonGlobal and Facebook at

Timberland Partners with Thread to Create Sustainable Recycling Solutions in Haiti as Part of Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action

tweet me:
.@Timberland partners @ThreadIntl to create sustainable recycling solutions in Haiti #CGI Commitment to Action
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 – 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: Timberland’s Overall CSR Commitment

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

On September 21, global outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland revealed at the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting that the company will join HP, Team Tassy, and ACOP (Association des Collecteurs des Objets en Plastique) in supporting Thread International’s commitment to create new opportunities for econmic growth in communities that surround the Truitier landfill in Haiti. The three-year effort will improve living conditions and empower Haitian families, including children, through sustainable solutions.

Many local Haitian families rely on collecting and recycling plastic waste as their only source of income, which leaves them with the difficult decision to call on their children to contribute to the family’s security and safety. This CGI commitment will help improve the working conditions and upward mobility of some 300 Haitians – around 200 of them children — who risk their health and well-being to collect recyclable waste from Haiti’s Truitier landfill each day. With the support of Timberland and other partners, Thread aims to specifically address these challenges by equipping and empowering the people of these communities to live a more prosperous life.

“We are honored to contribute to this important work being spearheaded by Thread,” said Colleen Vien, director of sustainability for Timberland. “Thread is looking beyond the environmental value associated with the collection and recycling of plastic bottles, and digging into some of the very real social implications. This progressive approach has the potential to truly change the face of global supply chains in the circular economy.”

The initiative will invest over $300,000 in entrepreneurs, microenterprises and small-to-medium businesses. The partnership provides children in this region with more than 200 scholarships and other educational opportunities, and also full physical exams with health and safety trainings. Haiti is not the only country that currently faces a large child labor problem, and the effort will serve as a model to create similar programs in locations across the world.

This Commitment to Action is a continuation of Timberland’s existing partnership with Thread. Earlier this year, Timberland announced that it will source materials from the recycled waste collection system in Haiti, launching a spring 2017 collection of shoes and bags made with Thread Ground to GoodTM fabric.

Timberland’s commitment also comes following the conclusion and success of the company’s 2010 CGI commitment to help reforest Haiti by planting five million trees in five years. To learn more about Timberland’s previous CGI commitment, download or rent the documentary “KOMBIT: The Cooperative,” or for the latest news on Timberland’s commitment to innovate and operate in a responsible manner, visit

SRS Haiti Recycling That Was Allegedly Co Founded By Mike Shinoda Linked To Epstein

Image result for sustainable solutions mike shinoda

Bill Clinton Is Really Stoked About This Linkin Park Shirt

The 42nd president checks out eco-friendly Haitian plant where band merch is made

Dan Reilly // April 7, 2014

First, they worked with Jay Z on Collision Course. (Then Steve Aoki, then Pusha T, and also there’s that whole Stone Temple Pilots thing.) Now Linkin Park’s latest unexpected collaboration is with none other than President Bill Clinton — sort of. For better or for worse, the 42nd president isn’t adding his saxophone stylings to the nü-metal band’s next LP. Instead, he’s helping fund and promote co-frontman Mike Shinoda’s recycling business in Haiti.

The Linkin Park MC is one of the leaders of Sustainable Recycling Solutions, which employs Haitians to collect recyclable goods and turn them into new products such as clothing, toys, and furniture. Clinton gave SRS a grant last year and, as shown in a new video uploaded by the band, recently flew to Haiti to tour the plant.

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Spotlights Music for Relief Organization’s Efforts in Haiti

Linkin Park are one of the top bands when it comes to giving back via charitable efforts, as their Music for Relief organization has helped get communities around the world back on their feet after natural disasters. Giving their fans a more tangible idea of what Music for Relief does, the band’s latest video follows Mike Shinoda as he travels to Haiti.

Shinoda arrived in January on the three-year anniversary of the Port-au-Prince earthquake and as seen on his tour, there is still much work to be done to help get Haiti’s biggest city back to where it once was. It didn’t help matters any that Haiti was also in the path of Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged the U.S. East Coast last fall.

The first stop on the trip was to the Cholera Treatment Center in Carrefour, Haiti. Shinoda says in the video, “Hurricane Sandy wasn’t just a storm that affected the United States. It hit here and the damage from Hurricane Sandy increased the spread of Cholera.” The disease was a problem prior to Sandy, but has now hit epidemic proportions. Music for Relief has teamed with a local organization to help in the continued treatment of those suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

From there, Shinoda traveled to the Sustainable Recycling Solutions business that Music for Relief helped launch in Haiti. The recycling business began about year-and-a-half ago and in that time over three-and-a-half million pounds of plastic has been collected and processed. As a result, Music for Relief has brought about $500,000 into the Haitian economy, and as Shinoda states in the video, because Haiti’s unemployment rate is so high, the SRS is now one of the Top 10 employers in Haiti.

Shinoda concludes, “Our business is based here in a Haiti. It’s not a charity and it’s providing people with real jobs and a real income. It’s sustainable and it’s scalable. A lot of the folks that live here, they can’t afford school and are untrained to a large degree so to give people a way to earn a living is one of the focuses of SRS.”

To learn more about Linkin Park and Music for Relief’s efforts in Haiti and how you can help out, visit


Screenshot (3339)
SRS Haiti Team Before Mike Shinoda Was Listed as Co founder

Screenshot (3340)
SRS Haiti Team After Mike Shinoda Was Listed as Co founder

‘The Plan’ to gather 100 orphans off the street in one day and leave – from WikiLeak Clinton email (pizzagate)

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The Plan:

Rescue Orphans from Port au Prince, Haiti

22nd Friday/Saturday, Jan – NLCR team fly to the DR (Dominican Republic)

Sun Jan 23 rd. – Drive bus from Santo Domingo into Port au Prince, Haiti and gather 100 orphans from the streets and collapsed orphanages, then return to the DR

Mon Jan 24 : Bus arrives in Cabarete, DR at New Life Children Refuge

Haiti Team: Laura Silsby, Charisa Coulter, Carla Thompson, Nicole & Corrinna Lankford, Paul Thompsons Team from East Side Baptist Church, Twin Falls

…..children, from infants to 12 years old.

Doesn’t leave much time to check if any of these 100 ‘orphans’ had any family, does it? These people are sick!


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Wow, there is an Epstein Recycling plant thats in the same location as a bus company in Haiti.


Epstein Recycling ( was owned by Karl Erich EpsteinPNG not Jeff Epstein. But maybe you would want to look into him, although I don’t know if this source is credible:

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Thank you for sharing. If you find Lincoln Park’s recycling plant address please share. That guy has a negative comment written about him here.

And believe or not he is a doctor:

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Remarks from Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park at UN Session on Sustainable Energy for All



We founded Music for Relief in 2005, to provide relief to victims of natural disaster and combat climate change. Although it is led by Linkin Park, its members and supporters touch all parts of the music industry, from global artists like Dave Matthews Band, Jay-Z, Steve Aoki, Juanes, and K’Naan… to music industry professionals, to the fans– which, thankfully, often include very bright people from Universities and environmental organizations who have helped us build many successful programs. Music for Relief programs have raised over $6 million USD and planted over a million trees to help reduce global warming. In 2011, our band and team from Music For Relief were invited to meet with Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Dr. Kandeh Yumkella. We were shocked to learn that 1.3 billion people in the world don’t have access to electricity, and how that lack of electricity jeopardizes people’s health, safety, education and livelihoods. We immediately vowed our support.  We called our effort “Power The World.” We reached out to our fans, both online and at our concerts, about energy poverty and sustainable solutions. We created content, like the video you just saw, to tell the stories of real people impacted by their reliance on dirty and harmful fuels for cooking and light. We created programs that provide solutions like solar lights for families in Haiti, solar energy for hospitals and health clinics in Uganda, and clean biogas cook stoves for families in Nepal.
Three years later, I’m happy to report that support for Power The World and Sustainable Energy For All has been strong. But I want to do more. I see the images and hear the stories like the ones we’re focusing on this week, and I can’t help but wonder what we can do. On Twitter yesterday, I asked our fans: If you could sit with the leaders of our world, and ask or tell them anything about the environment, what would you say? Felipo said “I would tell them to make sustainable stuff easier to reach.” Olivia said “We need to have more recycling programs” Sara wants you to “stop fracking” Arreli said “come up w/ a solution on factories that emit less contamination to our air.” Lura said, “i want just show them what i’d seen by myself: people who drink black water and children who play with trash.” And one young fan, who went by “5 Star General”, replied to me: “Ask them why they only act in their own interests. It’s good to see people like you still exist, who want to try, but it’s a hope most of us have lost. It’s a game of the rich.” That person is the one you need to be most concerned with. The ones who have lost hope. The ones who are cynical. The ones who don’t believe there are lots and lots of smart, talented, dedicated people that understand what is happening and are working to fix it. That young man doesn’t want to hear the words “green” or “environmentally conscious.” I personally use those words more than I should. Those words are clunky and patronizing, and the fans don’t want any more rhetoric.
Let me be clear “who” I’m talking about when I say “fans.” Some of you call them “customers.” Some of you call them “supporters” or “voters” or “constituents.” I want you to think about the potential of the word “fan.” I know what a “fan” is. It’s not someone who blindly follows you, who likes you for a nice song or a funny video. It’s someone whose trust you’ve earned, over time, who is willing to give you one of their most scarce assets–their attention–because you have proven that you will treat it responsibly and live up to or maybe even exceed their expectations. Growing up, I was a “fan” of Apple computers. When I think back about it, one of the driving reasons was the fact that it was the first computer I ever owned, and there were programs in my schools that put Apple products in front of the students. We grew up learning on Apple–it was the foundation upon which I built my knowledge of what a computer is about. The same can happen with sustainability. In developing countries, in places without access to clean energy, let’s lay the foundation with forward-thinking, sustainable programs. Let’s build from the ground up thinking about the long term effects on the planet. The good and bad news is that the fans’ expectations of on the subject of sustainability and the environment are surprisingly low. Which is sad. So I’ll tell you how to cut through the cynicism, and exceed expectations: Inspire us. Stop trying to just scare us. We’re numb to it. Stop focusing so much time on how messed up everything is. We know. The fans want to have our minds expanded by the hope in what is possible, we want to believe we’re capable of getting there, and we want to know that you are doing it for the right reasons. If you give us an option we can believe in, we will speak up for it, we will buy it, we will vote for it. You just need to earn our trust. It is an honor to be back here at the United Nations today with Mr. Yumkella, and all of you, the leaders who have to opportunity to inspire fans everywhere–working towards universal energy access by 2030. Thank you for your work to bring sustainable energy solutions to all people. We look forward to continued partnership to solve this critical issue.

From Rock Star To The Recycling Business

My name is Mike Shinoda; I sing and write music in the band Linkin Park. Most people are surprised to find out that, although I live in Los Angeles, I’m also an investor in a recycling center in Haiti.

The story of how I got started with recycling in Haiti began in disaster recovery. My bandmates and I run a non-profit called Music For Relief, which focuses on rallying the music community to combat climate change and provide relief to victims of natural disasters. After the earthquake in Haiti, the majority of our efforts were focused on Port Au Prince.

Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

A childhood friend of mine, Andrew MacCalla, was one of our main contacts on the ground in Haiti. He worked for an NGO, and spent the good part of the year in the areas hit hardest by the disaster. When he came back, I had him over for dinner. Of Haiti, he said, “they have a 75% unemployment rate, over 50% illiteracy, and cholera is about to be upgraded to endemic status. You know what could solve all those problems? A sustainable recycling program. I’m thinking about starting one.”

srs 1

(Photo: waterways in Port Au Prince)

Of the 10 million people in Haiti, about 3 to 4 million live in Port Au Prince. The city is a framework of unpaved dirt roads and canals, all littered with plastic waste. With so many people packed into a dense,city, the cholera problem has been a constant problem, exacerbated by pollution and lack of information about how the disease spreads. Theoretically, a recycling program could help, by getting trash off the streets and out of dirty waterways (where people were washing their food and contracting disease).

Making our recycling program a non-profit was, at first, a consideration. But Andrew, our other partner Brett Williams and I decided that treating it like a charity would make it hard to sustain, and — more importantly — we wanted the Haitian people who collected plastic for SRS be rewarded not only with a proper wage, but a sense of pride that they had a steady job and were cleaning up their community. We decided to make it a social business.

srs 2

We called it Sustainable Recycling Solutions, or SRS Haiti. It’s not a catchy nor glamorous name, because collecting trash isn’t a glamorous business. It started off slowly, with a big empty lot that basically looked like a dump. But within a month, we were bringing in over seven times more plastic than we had initially predicted. In a year, we had blown through our collection projections, with over 4 million bottles off the streets. This success was not the product of marketing or promotion — we simply opened the doors, treated people fairly and let the people hear about SRS through word of mouth. The real motivator was that the Haitian people are not only inspired to work, they are resourceful and loyal.

But the blessing of SRS’s popularity was also a problem. Every person who brought in plastic needed to be paid for it, and as it became popular, we couldn’t keep up with the demand. After about a half a year, we had to shut the doors. We were on the brink of closing down completely.

srs 3

But we weren’t done. After working together for months on a business plan and market opportunities, the Clinton Foundation came to our aid. Everyone who has worked in Haiti told us that President Clinton and his team are passionate about supporting the country, and our first-hand experience with him was consistent with that reputation. The foundation provided a grant that not only allowed us to regain our balance, but allowed SRS to make plans for a sustainable and exciting future.

With a new washing and flaking line, SRS will now take one more step in the rapidly evolving recycling supply chain to make a more valuable product. In doing so, we’ll hire more full-time workers and collect even more bottles off the streets.

srs 4

President Clinton visited us in Port Au Prince. We showed him the various items we were beginning to make from the plastic we collected. So many things can be made from recycled plastic. Sure, bottles can be made into new bottles, but they can also be made into new items, from toys and furniture to apparel like t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and even pants. Nearly anything made from “poly” or plastic can be made from recycled instead of virgin plastic. One of my favorite items from recycled plastic is workout gear made by Impact Eco, which looks and functions just like the best gear by Nike or Adidas, maybe even better. I like it so much, we’ve started experimenting with recycled PET merchandise (backpacks, jerseys and t-shirts) for my band.

The “what to make” part of the story is just beginning for me, and I’m excited about seeing where it leads. But SRS and the impact it’s already had, thanks in part to the Clinton Foundation, has been worth the ride.


Bill Clinton, Linkin Park, A Haiti Recycling Center And Jeffrey Epstein Recycling Center before Mike Shinoda was listed as co founder Recycling Center After Shinoda was listed as Co founder

NSFW Archived Bill Clinton, Lincoln Park and Haiti recycling (pizzagate)

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This post is pizzagate related, as the Clinton Foundation is corrupt. Linkin Park may or may not use a pedo logo. Epstein is a convicted pedo and well known child trafficker.

Bill Clinton gave Linkin Park a grant for recycling in Haiti.

The Company’s Name is Sustainable Recycling Solutions business and located in the Port au prince, Haiti.

These two websites 404’d not found

I couldn’t find a dwelling address for Sustainable Recycling Solutions anywhere.

Do you know who does have a recycling plant in the Port au prince, that was simple to locate?


Address: 8 Avenue Maïs Gaté, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The building is close to the airport, and the red cross, and it looks like they may be selling/renting scooters.

or possibly a bus line and gas station and no recycling in sight on this property.

Aerial view:

Check out the related places at the bottom of this page.

Why would Clinton give Linkin Park a grant, if his Pedo buddy is already in the business?

Linkin Park doesn’t need a grant, they have millions.

So if this is the same place, what kind of fuckery is this?

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Linkin Park was going to play shows with Tom DeLonge and Blink-182 (see Tom’s co-author Peter Lavenda’s ties to Jack Parson and Crowley). These groups are also tied to Jay-Z and many others involved in the music, art, media and movie industry.

This is a partnership between LDS (Mormons) with OTO (Thelema) and Kabbalists, who also connected with the Jesuits (Catholics) and other groups to spread their Luciferian global agenda. The CIA and FBI have an usual number of Mormons, and our government has been corrupted at all levels. Secret societies, foundations, corporations, service clubs, churches and other means are the basis for levels of involvement.

It goes back to the Pilgrims Society connected in Racine that leads to Committee of 300, Black Nobility, Council of 13 and the Houses that rule the world. They are using Sustainability, Aliens, AI and other means to push their real agenda which is ultimately Total Global Enslavement (part of which is U.N. Agenda 2030). All must take the Mark of the Beast as we move to one world government and one world currency. Wisconsin has the first U.S. company to institute embedded chips for employees. Eventually it will be mandatory for all. They will use Community Policing to enforce it.

Sustainability, Community Policing and the Secret Societies have a Headquarters and a Model Community:

It is Racine, Wisconsin. This is why Paul Ryan was on the plane for the meeting with Bill Clinton (and Loretta Lynch).



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Tom Delonge, ( Podesta emails/ Blink 182 / UFO shill)… is not hiding the fact that he’s a Freemason. skip to 4:05…. check out his amp…..


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Tom DeLonge plays a major role, and it goes way beyond Aliens and Freemasons.

DeLonge and Travis Barker are closely linked to leaders involved in FLDS (Mormons) who are Luciferian and connected with the corruption in the Catholic church (including Jesuits), Kabbalah (which is why Ashton Kutcher is playing a major role as well, also a Freemason), and OTO (Thelema). Blink-182 and Linkin Park were connected with Jay-Z and others in OTO.

Tom DeLonge’s co-author of his recent book is Peter Lavenda who is connected with Jack Parson and Aleister Crowley.

They are going to use Sustainability, Aliens and Artificial Intelligence to push through their real agenda of a one world Luciferian religion and Total Global Enslavement, that will be enforced using AI and Community Policing.

This is all connected to Racine, Wisconsin and the partnership between these groups that include Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Evan McMulllin, Warren Jeffs, Timothy Dolan, John Podesta, Emanuels, Clintons, Ashton Kutcher, and many others. Freemasons, LDS and Catholicism have deep roots in Wisconsin, and Racine actually means “Root”.

Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington knew the real truth and the real agenda, and may have been planning to expose it through music.

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Bill Clinton Go to Haiti

Mike Shinoda  is a busy guy. The  Linkin Park  frontman  in recent months has helped conceive and develop the band’s new video game/music video for “Guilty All the Same,” spent hundreds of hours in the studio working on their new album, donated stuff to charity auctions, is helping to teach an online college class at Stanford University and apparently also found time to go to Haiti with  Bill Clinton .

A new video posted to  Linkin Park’s YouTube page  features Shinoda and the former president visiting the site of Sustainable Recycling Solutions, a project supported by the Clinton Foundation and co-founded by Shinoda, which provides employment to Haitians by taking plastic waste products and recycling them into saleable items — like Linkin Park t-shirts.

Since its beginning less than two years ago, SRS has paid more than half a million dollars to local workers, cleaned more than four-and-a-half million pounds of plastic off the streets of Haiti and recycled more than 113 million bottles.

You can find out more about the project at

Linkin Park is also putting the finishing touches on a new album — due out this summer — and getting ready for their summer co-headlining tour with  Thirty Seconds to Mars .

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