Andy’s Pizzeria on Pitcairn Island (Part 2)

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Presenting: Andy’s Pizzeria
>pic related

>>220153375 (OP)
I’m reading the company’s facebook page. The dude must be independently wealthy.

Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands has a population of about 50 people (as of 2013). Yet his page shows him buying equipment that he would never be able to pay for in 100 years. A $3000 cooled make table, a $2000 dough sheeter.

For being open 1 day per week, he’s dropped an abnormal amount into equipment.

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I found one of the commenters faceberg.
Hamy KAL
1 review
3 months ago
I would swim all the way back to Andys in second. It literally liberated my mind. I suggest to never eat here because Im addicted now and my life feels like a lie without Andys special sauce in my mouth every Friday night. If you want to go down this rabbit hole, I suggest you buy 7 pizzas, so you have your fix until the next Friday ritual. Miss you Andy.

>In ancient Greek ‘ambrosia’ meant food of the Gods. However, in more modern times, it now translates to ‘Andy’s Pizzeria’. Never before have I been so touched by a meal as to warrant a review, but such pizzas are a once in a lifetime meal, and therefore I will undertake this mighty task. No words will ever describe the experience I shared with this pizza; our souls became one.
Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your tastebuds and make the quest to the Pitcairn Islands (Fridays 5:30-7) to have a magical experience at the hands of Andy the Creator.
I am not one to elaborate or celebrate things unnecessarily, as my wife will testify (see our so-called ‘anniversary’), but Andy’s Pizzeria is the Olympus of restaurants, the Arc de Triomphe of food, the pièce de résistance for one’s mouth.
So, good people of Google reviews, fly, sail, run, crawl to Andy’s Pizzeria and never surrender!
I can’t tell if this is a joke or real.

Image [Embed]

they’ve literally admitted it as ‘part of their culture’. fucking disgusting
isnt it interesting that they use the same symbols and terminology podesta used, but its still just a ‘big conspiracy’?

>(Translated by Google) Sally I also found Ron, I found in Kazakhstan and you?

Sally я тoжe нaшeл Poнa, я в кaзaхcтaнe нaшeл a ты?

>Pizza is cooked on top of an old metal shopping cart over a large open fire. Most of it is made from scratch or plastic that has washed up on shore from all the pollution they get from China/India. This wasn’t my favorite I’d say the sauce was the best. It resembled the consistency of human blood and tasted very similar to it. Something craving about it had me going back for more then shortly after shuddering and fitting under a large tree throughout the middle of the night until I awoke in the moonlight starving with terrible stomach pains and a yearning to shed fresh blood. Quite the experience, I’d recommend you try it though the urges take weeks to subside. Delivery radius is slightly narrowed so it might be hard to find someone willing to deliver to your zip code but otherwise fantastic experience.

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>Gorgeous. Love all the pizza porn!Image



ImageIsland literally had a case were 1/3rds of the population were charged with paedophilia could shills be anymore btfo

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The place has curb appeal. This is the road leading to this wonderful pizza place.

Uh, Gus…
>The island, one of 14 remaining British overseas territories, was tarnished by a child abuse scandal in 2004, when six men were imprisoned for sexual offences, including Steve Christian, the mayor and a descendant of Fletcher.


>İtiraf edin sasiden geldiniz
>Confess, you came from the Sasif

Also Petra Kintzel has reviewed the place. Check her account. She seems to visit a lot of off the grid houses in Germany. Getting a very rapey shady vibe







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More from Petra Kintzel


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