Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting Appearing To Be False Flag

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>be thot
>you and your gf both get shot in the hand
>casually rub ‘blood’ on yourself
>while holding cups of fucking ice
This is a false fucking flag.

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>>221025340 (OP)
>I smelled gun powder
Fake news. This isn’t 1870.



Active Shooter at the Gilroy Garlic Festival:Mass Shooting California, Possibly 50+ People Shot


HAPPENING NOW — Mass Shooting California, Possibly 50+ People Shot Anonymous  057458  No.13543365>>13543366 >>13543385 >>13543388 >>13543395 >>13543426 >>13543427 >>13543443 >>13543448 >>13543526 >>13543549 >>13543553 >>13543569 >>13543662 >>13543709 >>13543785 >>13543815 [Watch Thread][Show All Posts]

Active Shooter at the Gilroy Garlic Festival:

News article said 11 people shot, someone on the police scanner said possibly up to 50 were shot. The shooter was apparently a sniper on top of a hill according to guy interviews by Bay Area NBC news.

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LIVE news coverage:

This is kinda strange. This was first reported on like 45 minutes ago, yet no new details. A few video clips show people running but you don’t hear any gunfire.

This could be another false-flag in the making.

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Still live.

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  e6ed99  No.13543506>>13543516 >>13543525

So confirmed so far:

-possible explosives

-multiple shooters

-first shooter fled in a vehicle to a ranch nearby

-standoff at ranch currently going down

-local militia of 200+ members said to practice at said ranch

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-multiple shooters

-at least one sniper

-left wing militia members

-in stand off with local police at milita ranch

-all comms within 100 miles of the area are being blocked

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Multiple shooters. Video too large and cant upload. too retarded to make smaller?


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>A witness said that she saw a white man in his early to mid-30s firing a rifle that was “able to shoot three to four shots a second.” “It was just rapid firing,” she said. “I could see him shooting in just every direction. He wasn’t aiming at anyone specifically. It was just left to right, right to left.”


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Tactical thoughts and prayers dispatched

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Current official toll: 3 dead 12 injur

John Ratcliffe: AG Barr will deliver justice to any Obama officials who committed crimes


Dan Coats is gonna step down from his DNI position and Trump will appoint Ratcliffe.


Siri Regularly Records Sex Encounters, Sends Countless Private Moments To Apple Contractors

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Apple’s Siri AI assistant sends audio of sexual encounters, embarrassing medical information, drug deals, and other private moments recorded without users’ knowledge to human ‘graders’ for evaluation, a whistleblower has revealed.
Recordings from Apple’s Siri voice assistant are fed to human contractors around the world, who grade the AI based on the quality of its response and whether its activation was deliberate, according to an anonymous contractor who spoke to the Guardian. They claimed accidental activations are much more frequent than Apple lets on, especially with Apple Watch users – and wants the company to own up to the problem.

“There have been countless instances of recordings featuring private discussions between doctors and patients, business deals, seemingly criminal dealings, sexual encounters and so on. These recordings are accompanied by user data showing location, contact details, and app data,” the whistleblower revealed.