Epstein Ranch and Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett Connection (Part 2)

Something else interesting, was searching police hot sheets from santa fe county


Case #0216006016, Aggravated Burglary of a Motor Vehicle

Assigned Deputy: M. Weiss

Commander Entering: Cpl. K. Whyte

Location: Zorro Ranch Road, Stanley, NM

Vehicle: White 2007 GMC Yukon

Victim: Female, 36, McIntosh, NM

Charges: Aggravated Burglary of a Motor Vehicle, Larceny

On Friday, April 22, 2016, at about 9:51pm, Deputy responded to the Wal-Mart in Edgewood in reference to a burglary of a motor vehicle that had occurred at another location. An unknown suspect(s) entered the vehicle, which was unlocked, and removed a cellular phone and a handgun. Investigation is ongoing.

>Wal-Mart in Edgewood

> in reference to a burglary of a motor vehicle that had occurred at another location.

> Location: Zorro Ranch Road, Stanley, NM

So they responded to a vehicle burglary called in at Walmart that happened on Zorro Ranch Road?

Nobody else lives out there

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Is this real life? https://www.businessinsider.com/the-nyc-building-at-the-center-of-jeffrey-epsteins-web-2019-8


>A federal court ruling last Tuesday dismissing a Democratic National Committee (DNC) civil suit against Julian Assange “with prejudice” was a devastating indictment of the US ruling elite’s campaign to destroy the WikiLeaks founder.

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>“Everybody called it ‘Pedophile Island,’” St. Thomas boat operator Kevin Goodrich said of Epstein’s 75-acre Little St. James Island, about a mile southeast of St. Thomas.
>“It’s our dark corner.”

>He wasn’t well-received,” said St. Thomas native Spencer Consolvo. “People think he’s too rich to be policed properly.”

She represents the place and she didn’t know? Yeah, and I’ve got a bridge for sale.



Long story short, Cerberus Capital Management is owned by a guy named Steve Feinberg, who was named by Trump to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. As the head, I believe.

Cerberus Capital Management owns DynCorp International, a company which has been linked to child trafficking in Colombia. AND….Epstein’s helicopter apparently has shared an FAA tail # with a US military reconnaissance/attack plane that was being used for covert operations in Colombia by…. US state funded mercenary company, DynCorp International. WEW.

This link: https://politicalbullpen.com/t/jeffrey-epstein-caught-sharing-an-faa-tail-number-with-a-us-military-aircraft/4174

has lots of info, please skim, and note also that all this has been in these threads multiple times. It checks out. And the name of Feinberg’s company kinda says it all. These people are top tier creepy.


Epstein Ranch and Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett Connection (Part 1)

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>Previous OP looked up info of Zorro Ranch
>No name attached to property ownership
>It is, however, listed under CYPRESS, INC.
>Nothing registered in USVI, Florida, New York, Delaware or New Mexico
>Except there was a Cypress Tree Farms Inc in Delaware with all day Pre-K day care,
>Almost certainly unrelated
>Address returns a shopping mall at a cruise ship port – Has an orange roof and many typical stores such as nail salons and retail outlets
>Called the Port of Sale Mall, in USVI St. Thomas Island
>A certain congresswoman has an office there
>Stacey Plaskett
>This congresswoman has vowed to donate all of Epstein’s campaign contributions to charity
>Thread immediately started getting slid hard after Stacey Plaskett link was established

>TL;DR Congresswoman Stacey Plasket has an office in a mall attached by tax documents to Jeff Epstein’s New Mexico ranch


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To me it looks like she may have experienced some extortion when an aide of hers stole and posted her nudes in an effort to sabotage her impending election.

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Clinton visiting LSS

Watch | The Clintons Tour St. Croix Nonprofits

A link to a now missing artcile on Epstein donating large sums to LSS


Google Cache saved some of the article contents, this is the best proof i can offer because they are wiping the evidence

I will have more soon

My theory is that if her aide, McCullum, was in Epstein’s pocket, they may have wanted to install a congressman that would facilitate child sex trafficking from the Virgin Islands. Apparently McCullum used photographs of Plaskett’s husband and daughter to imply pedophilia which to me really smacks of Epstein-tier extortion.

I have information.

Plaskett is or was a board member for Lutheran Social Services, a non-profit that runs childrens homes and is located in the virgin islands. Some very high level political figures have ties to this charity, including the Clintons who chose to visit the charity first on a tour they did of non-profits in the virgin islands. Epstein donated a lot of money to Plaskett and if you remember, Epsteins private island is in the virgin islands. Epstein used Plaskett as a means to procure children.

There is more information here, Ill try and compile what other information I have however 4chan is blocked in my country and I dont know how reliable my ability to post will be.

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Clinton visiting LSS

Watch | The Clintons Tour St. Croix Nonprofits

A link to a now missing artcile on Epstein donating large sums to LSS


Google Cache saved some of the article contents, this is the best proof i can offer because they are wiping the evidence

I will have more soon

That funding came from epstein


I have very limited information, a lot of the links I’ve saved are now dead and i cant archive anything because most archiving sites are now blocked in australia

You must all understand the Lutherian Social Services is a front. The revenue in 2016 for LSS Virgin Islands was $5,568,600. It spent $3,174,298 “other salaries and wages” and there are no other details given.

It declared that $0 were spent on fundraising.

How does a non profit make that much with no fun raising expenses??


refer to this


This organization has other operations in other states, all of which have ties back to people known to be involved in child trafficking


Before I forget. Children separated at the boarder have been put into the hands of LSS in phoenix.



Holy shit.
>Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands’ Early Head Start program which provides service to over a hundred children, families, and pregnant women.


They are involved in international adoptions. There is a post here that says you can buy, er, adopt a baby for just under $30k.


U.S. Virgin Islands Sen. Oakland Benta, a St. Croix Democrat who previously served as the island’s chief of police, is speaking out in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News about billionaire Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein and demanding wide-ranging investigations in the territory into Epstein’s and others’ alleged “widespread corruption.”

“There is widespread corruption within the territory that needs to be addressed and looked at with fresh eyes,” Benta said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News


>Benta contends that Epstein, whose infamous private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands served as a home base for alleged illicit activities, ran a massive influence operation to get powerful politicians, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement, and government agencies charged with stopping such corruption and criminal activity from focusing on him.

>“He [Epstein] has people on his payroll,” Benta alleges. “He has campaign contributions. He has donated to a lot of agencies and nonprofits. Maybe part of the reason why they’re not vocal is a lot of the nonprofit organizations have been recipients of contributions from Jeffrey Epstein and a lot of surrounding programs with children.”

> Child Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch is part of investigation >CYPRESS INC. listed as owner of Zorro Ranch > CYPRESS INC. address I. “Port of Sale Mall” > Congress Woman Stacey Plaskett’s office also in Port of Sale Mall >Congress Woman Stacey Plaskett received campaign donation from Jeffrey Epstein, now going to donate that money (distancing herself)

Pic related is the current property tax bill for Zorro Ranch:

Note owner’s name and mailing address on the bill.


9100 HAVENSIGHT 15/16, ST THOMAS VI 00802

I checked the Secretary of State’s office for corporate registration of an entity named “Cypress, Inc.” in the Virgin Islands, Florida, New York, New Mexico, and for tax purposes, Delaware.

Results: NOTHING

Google, DuckDuckGo, Yandex searches: NOTHING

IRS.gov 1 search: NOTHING

Similar process digging on that address.

It is a shopping center for tourists located on the cruise ship dock in St. Thomas (orange roof in Google maps. Likely just a mailing/shipping center. Other tenants are typical– souvenir shops, nail salon, jewelry store.

Whatever agency is paying the taxes and is the actual owner of that New Mexico ranch is hiding very hard.

At this very moment up until June 2020 (Epstein’s trial date) Deep State are working day and night destroying all loose ends. All these shootings are being fabricated to distract us from our investigation. In other words.


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File: 21fb55c6ca39d05fbb7a554ac(…).png (118 KB, 1094×749)


File: Screenshot_20190804-181805.png (219 KB, 720×1520)






>>221828451 (OP)

> Child Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch is part of investigation
>CYPRESS INC. listed as owner of Zorro Ranch
> CYPRESS INC. address I. “Port of Sale Mall”
> Congress Woman Stacey Plaskett’s office also in Port of Sale Mall
>Congress Woman Stacey Plaskett received campaign donation from Jeffrey Epstein, now going to donate that money (distancing herself)


I got a page, but it won’t load. It says, “WELCOME
Cypress Systems Consulting Inc. is a full service IT and Program Development consulting operation. Thank you for visiting our web site. Please contact us to find out how we can provide your organization with a significant return on investment in improving systems, operations and services.

Mission Statement
Helping business and government make information and technology work together to provide, promote and enhance service delivery to clients and people.”


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File: Plaskett-Clinton.jpg (18 KB, 300×225)

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“Through his work and the convening power of the Clinton Global Initiative, partners across all sectors are working to increase economic growth, access to health care, and reduce poverty – all while building a future for our islands that is sustainable,” Delegate Stacey Plaskett said.

Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett meets with former President Bill Clinton Tuesday in Miami. (Photo submitted by Plaskett’s office)

Clinton Coming to St. Thomas in June

Interesting indeed.



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There’s a “all day pre-K” that came up searching “Cypress inc.” in Delaware.

Pic related.

It is an offshore holding company. You not being able to find who pays it is the reason its held in an offshore holding company.

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>>221828451 (OP)
you do know the shooter’s father worked for the highlighted company in pic related, yes?

found while researching nxivm

>Nxivm Corporation and First Principles, Inc., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. the Ross Institute, Rick Ross Also Known As Ricky Ross, John Hochman, and Stephanie Franco, Defendants-appellees,paul Martin and Wellspring Retreat, Inc.”
>It’s related to Ross Institute: https://www.rossinstitute.org/

I’ve got even more on Ross

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Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett was also in attendance, and even spoke of her history at Queen Louise Home for Children. “Many years ago when my [mother’s mother] passed away, it was five girls that were twelve and under, and they were sent to Queen Louise Home for a number of months before they were sorted out by relatives. My mother has always made us give back to Queen Louise and I was on the board of Lutheran Social Services, because she said those were the best months maybe of her childhood,” Ms. Plaskett said.

Watch | The Clintons Tour St. Croix Nonprofits


Jeffrey Epstein Chaired a $6.7 Billion Company that Documents Suggest May Have Received a Secret Federal Reserve Bailout

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: July 21, 2019 ~ 

According to a database created by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists containing files leaked from the law firm Appleby, Jeffrey Epstein, who is under indictment as a sex trafficker and assaulter of underage girls, was the Chairman of Liquid Funding Ltd. from November 9, 2001 to at least March 19, 2007. The offshore business had been incorporated in Bermuda on October 19, 2000 and according to the Fitch ratings firm, it had $6.7 billion in outstanding liabilities in 2006.

In a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission in February 2003, Bear Stearns, the Wall Street investment bank that Epstein had resigned from under murky circumstances in 1981, confirmed that it was a 40 percent owner of Liquid Funding Ltd., writing as follows:

“At November 30, 2002, the Company had an approximate 40% equity interest in Liquid Funding, Ltd. (‘LFL’), a AAA-rated special purpose vehicle established to participate in the repurchase agreement and total return swap markets. A subsidiary of the Company acts as investment manager…”

The subsidiary that acted as investment manager for Liquid Funding Ltd. was Bear Stearns Bank Plc in Dublin, Ireland, which functioned outside of U.S. regulatory authority and was a wholly owned subsidiary of Bear Stearns Ireland Limited, which was wholly owned by the U.S.-regulated Bear Stearns Companies Inc.. The U.S.-based Bear Stearns was one of the myriad Wall Street banks that imploded during the financial crisis of 2008 and received both publicly-announced and secret bailouts from the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, via its Wall Street compromised regional bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Just who it was that owned the remaining 60 percent of Liquid Funding Ltd. is unknown at this time, but if the off-balance sheet structure follows the typical pattern, a number of those listed in the leaked documents as serving as a director or officer, including Epstein, are likely to have invested funds.

According to an October 24, 2006 announcement from the ratings agency, Fitch, Liquid Funding Ltd. was a Structured Investment Vehicle (SIV) — the same structure that played a major role in blowing up another major Wall Street bank, Citigroup, during the financial tsunami that cratered Wall Street in 2008. (See Law Firm that Silenced Harvey Weinstein Accusers also Involved in SIVs that Tanked Citigroup.)

According to Fitch, Liquid Funding Ltd. could issue liabilities up to $20 billion, made up of commercial paper, guaranteed investment contracts, medium term notes, and repurchase agreements. Both Fitch and Moody’s gave the medium-term notes to be issued by Liquid Funding a AAA-rating as well as gave it a AAA-rating as a counterparty. And, notably, both ratings agencies gave its commercial paper a Tier 1 rating, meaning that it could now end up in money market funds purchased by average Americans seeking a low-risk, liquid investment. (Until 2008, it was rare for money market funds to “break a buck,” meaning give back less than the original principal invested.)

While the ratings agencies acknowledged that they understood the entity could issue up to $20 billion in various instruments, Fitch reported in 2006 that “Liquid Funding is capitalized with $37 million in drawn equity commitments and $63 million in undrawn equity commitments….” We have found nothing, thus far, to explain how $100 million in equity could support $20 billion in liabilities (other than possibly the fact that Deutsche Bank is still alive). It can’t be that Bear Stearns was guaranteeing the liabilities because Bear stated in a regulatory filing that “The Company’s maximum exposure to loss as a result of its investment in this entity is approximately $5.0 million.”

As a result of those Tier 1 ratings on Liquid Funding’s commercial paper, it ended up in some very big name money market funds. Two of JPMorgan’s money market funds held a total of $100 million; two Dreyfus money markets held at least $139 million; and a Frank Russell money market fund held $125 million. Those amounts are very likely the tip of the iceberg that ended up in money market funds.

The amount of toxic debris that had parked itself in supposedly safe money market funds in 2008 led to unprecedented action by the U.S. Treasury, which had to step in with a guarantee plan after a run commenced when it was learned that the bankrupt Lehman Brothers had sold its instruments to money market funds.

And that was just the beginning of bailing out the unprecedented greed and corruption that turned the Wall Street gambling casino into a ward of the U.S. taxpayer. If you were a hedge fund for billionaires or a foreign bank and the insolvent U.S. insurance company, AIG, owed you money because you failed to do your due-diligence in the selection of a derivatives counterparty, you got secretly bailed out at 100 cents on the dollar.

If you were Goldman Sachs and sold a billion dollar investment to clients after knowingly allowing John Paulson’s hedge fund to secretly stuff it with instruments designed to fail and then make $1 billion for the hedge fund by shorting the deal, you got off without any key executive going to jail. As for John Paulson, instead of being prosecuted, NYU’s Stern School of Business lauded him in their Alumni Magazine and named an auditorium after him after he sealed the deal with a $20 million donation.

If you were a completely insolvent bank like Citigroup, whose negligent board had allowed its former Chairman and CEO, Sandy Weill, to turn himself into a billionaire through Dracula stock options, you got an unprecedented taxpayer bailout plus a secret $2.5 trillion bailout from the Federal Reserve consisting of revolving loans made at close to a zero interest rate while the bank charged its struggling credit card customers over 19 percent interest. The Fed fought a multiple-year court battle to hide this outrage from the American people. And the guy who helped Citigroup at the New York Fed, Tim Geithner, moved up to become U.S. Treasury Secretary.

A partial accounting of the Fed’s secret actions only came to light as a result of an amendment tacked on to the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation in 2010 by Senator Bernie Sanders, which forced the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a Fed Audit, which was released to the public on July 21, 2011.

What the public knew about the bailout of Bear Stearns, which potentially included Liquid Funding Ltd., prior to the Fed audit was the public announcement that JPMorgan Chase was buying the firm in 2008 in a fire sale and further details provided in the final report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC). The FCIC report explained that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York had created a Special Purpose Vehicle called Maiden Lane LLC that used proceeds from a $28.82 billion senior loan from the New York Fed and a $1.15 billion loan from JPMorgan Chase to purchase approximately $30 billion of Bear Stearns’ toxic assets on which JPMorgan Chase wanted the Fed to bear the brunt of any losses.

The FCIC report also revealed this about Bear Stearns’ accounting practices:

“At the end of each quarter, Bear would lower its leverage ratio by selling assets, only to buy them back at the beginning of the next quarter. Bear and other firms booked these transactions as sales—even though the assets didn’t stay off the balance sheet for long—in order to reduce the amount of the company’s assets and lower its leverage ratio. Bear’s former treasurer Upton called the move ‘window dressing’ and said it ensured that creditors and rating agencies were happy. Bear’s public filings reflected this, to some degree: for example, its 2007 annual report said the balance sheet was approximately 12% lower than the average month-end balance over the previous twelve months.”

When the GAO report came out, the secret $16 trillion feeding tube from the Federal Reserve was revealed, structured as revolving, low-cost loans to any bank, foreign or domestic, teetering or otherwise. Stunningly, the audit showed the Fed started the loans in December 2007 – long before the public knew there was a dangerous financial crisis – and it lasted until at least July 2010.

In addition to the publicly known support to Bear Stearns from the New York Fed, the GAO audit revealed that the Federal Reserve had provided another $853 billion in secret loans to Bear Stearns; $851 billion from its Primary Dealer Credit Facility and $2 billion from its Term Securities Lending Facility.

JPMorgan Chase closed its deal with Bear Stearns on May 31, 2008 but the GAO reported that Bear Stearns “was consistently the largest PDCF borrower until June 2008.” A download of the PDCF spreadsheet from the Fed shows that Bear Stearns continued to drink at its trough right up to June 23, 2008.

Was Liquid Funding Ltd., the entity chaired by Jeffrey Epstein long after he was already recognized as a sexual molester of minors, part of the Bear Stearns’ bailout by the Federal Reserve? It was reported to be 40 percent owned by Bear Stearns in multiple regulatory filings.

An announcement by Moody’s rating agency on April 18, 2008 further raises that suspicion. It states that “all outstanding rated liabilities” of Liquid Funding Ltd. have been “paid in full.” Moody’s explained as follows:

“…the withdrawal of the three ratings was in response to Liquid Funding’s request for withdrawal, in connection with the voluntary wind-down of Liquid Funding and following the payment and satisfaction in full of all outstanding rated liabilities of Liquid Funding. According to the Outstanding Detail Report issued by JPMorgan as of April 7, 2008 in its capacity as trustee, none of the rated debt issued under the global medium-term note program or the commercial paper note program was outstanding as of that date. Additionally, the Program Outstanding Report issued as of April 8, 2008 by the Bank of New York Mellon in its capacity as trustee showed that all transactions for which Liquid Funding was serving as counterparty have matured or been terminated.”

If JPMorgan Chase didn’t close on the deal to buy Bear Stearns until May 31, 2008, who paid off its debts in April? The reason Bear collapsed was because it couldn’t obtain adequate funding out of concerns over its finances.

Since JPMorgan Chase was so careful to put the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on the hook for the first $28.82 billion in losses from Bear Stearns, it doesn’t seem reasonable to think that it charitably picked up the tab for toxic assets hiding out in an offshore vehicle.

We’ll be making further inquiries into the matter.




Role From To Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
Liquid Funding, Ltd. Director 09-NOV-2001 30-MAR-2007 19-OCT-2000 Bermuda Paradise Papers – Appleby
Liquid Funding, Ltd. Chairman 09-NOV-2001 19-MAR-2007 19-OCT-2000 Bermuda Paradise Papers – Appleby


Data From
6100 Red Hook Quarter; Suite B3; St. Thomas 00804-0870; US Virgin Islands Paradise Papers – Appleby

Clare Bronfman, funder of NXIVM owns a third of Wakaya Island off Fiji.

Continue reading “Clare Bronfman, funder of NXIVM owns a third of Wakaya Island off Fiji.”